Brevard Marketplace to Open

For Immediate Release

17th May 2020

With high hopes of the worldwide pandemic coming to an end, springs forth new beginnings and more specifically a new marketplace for the charming, quaint town of Brevard, North Carolina.

Brevard Marketplace, located on 30 & 40 North Caldwell Street, will offer a unique retail experience with eclectic booths consisting of local goods, collectibles, antiques, arts, furnishings and more.  They even plan to include a kids arts & crafts section where kids can sell their own creations.  

James and Derene Bracken will be managing the marketplace, and with them they bring many years of retail experience and a keen eye for quality goods, vendors and staging.  In fact, James and Derene are the very reason that Brevard Marketplace has come to fruition.  They, like many quarantined individuals, scanned the pages of social media and saw local property owner, John Nichols, post numerous family heirlooms he had uncovered while sifting through closets and trunks in his 125 year old house.  They contacted him about his marvelous finds and encouraged him to let them open a marketplace in one of his buildings, and Nichols obliged.  

As a result of James and Derene Bracken’s laborious efforts, the Brackens and Nichols plan to place these booths in three different buildings, including the neighboring property which is home to another distinctive retailer, Mantiques.  Mantiques offers distinctive, handpicked furniture and furnishings from the local area.  

So all in all, the marketplace will include an area of 20,000 square feet and have over 100 vendors in total.  Those numbers boast ample space and a diverse booth rental population to allow Brevard Marketplace to be a remarkable destination for travelers and local people alike.   Nichols mentioned that Brevard seemed to be the perfect place for this retail adventure as the charming downtown area is walkable, equipped with plenty of parking and offers many specialty retail shops including Theophilus, Roost, Gravy, The White Squirrel Shop in addition to twenty tasty restaurants and bakeries.  Nichols, also a native of Brevard, loves the idea of helping small businesses, especially “Mom and Pop” stores thrive in his hometown.

With an opening date days away, and only a few booth rentals left, Nichols and his management team, James and Derene Bracken, hope to see you soon.




40 North Coldwell St

Brevard North Carolina 28712


Web site:



Manager  James Bracken 828-507-4570 [email protected]

Property Owner John Nichols 704-578-4115 [email protected]

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