Where is HOB?

HOB is a Municipal Services District that was established by the City of Brevard in 1990. The MSD includes the core intersection of the downtown, Main Street and Broad Street (also known as Highway 64 West). It extends on Main Street from Oaklawn to Rice, and on Broad from Probart to Morgan. HOB is only a part of the city’s entire downtown district. View the municipal services map here.

How is the HOB funded?

HOB relies primarily on the MSD tax that all business and property owners pay annually. Their tax is based on $.20 per $100 value of their property. HOB also receives a mix of public and private funding, including grant money from the City of Brevard and business sponsorships for its community and special events.

How does the City support HOB?

The City of Brevard provides an annual grant as part of their economic development program. The City’s Public Works, Building and Grounds, Police and Fire Departments provide support for community and special events.

Who belongs to HOB?

All owners whose businesses or properties fall within the HOB district automatically belong to HOB. These owners pay an extra tax (Municipal Services District tax) each year.

What kinds of businesses are in the HOB district?

Many of our community’s important government agencies are located in the HOB district: County Courthouse and Administration, the County’s Department of Social Services, City Hall and City government offices, and the Federal Post Office.

Over 50% of our businesses provide professional services: doctors, dentists, health/therapy specialists; lawyers; accountants, bankers, financial and investment consultants, insurance brokers; hair stylists, barbers; architects, interior designers, engineers, builders/contractors; real estate brokers; florist.

Retail businesses include: art galleries, antiques, home furnishings/accessories, gifts, jewelry, toys, hardware, women’s and children’s clothing, outdoor wear, pet supplies, and shoes.

Eateries include: restaurants, bars, coffee shops and bakeries, gourmet food and wine, coffee roaster.

A gas station and one of the few single-screen theaters in the entire nation!

What events does HOB produce?

From special events to initiatives that support local producesr, craftspeople and performing artists, we make Brevard the center of fun for everyone. View a complete listing of our current events here.

How many businesses are located in the HOB district?

There are about over 100 businesses, organizations and agencies located in the HOB district, employing about 1000 people. View our member directory here.

What is the Main Street program?

The Main Street program was created in 1980 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. While the original concern was the preservation of important downtown historic buildings, the program developed to create a healthy economic climate that would allow businesses to thrive in these downtown buildings. The 4-tier approach (promotion, design, economic restructuring, and organization) is comprehensive and systematic. North Carolina was one of the original states to charter the Main Street program.

Why is it important to save downtown?

The downtown is the main economic, cultural, political, and social center of our community. Maintaining a safe and attractive downtown allows 100s of small, independent businesses to flourish; important government transactions to take place; art and musical events to occur, a healthy lifestyle to be encouraged.

When did HOB become a Main Street city?

HOB officially became a Main Street city in 1993, but from its conception in 1989, the intent was to follow the Main Street approach.

When did HOB open its office doors?

The Heart of Brevard office opened in January of 1991.

Where is the HOB office located?

The office is located at 26 Times Arcade. Currently our office is available by appointment only.

How can I help HOB?

Supporting the businesses and services in the HOB district helps the whole community. We encourage you to think local!

Coming downtown for a special event, or just walking downtown are all important ways that make the downtown an important gathering place and your hometown. View our current listing of events here.

Every nonprofit always needs volunteers. Events are labor-intensive and require a lot of human power hours. If you’re interested in volunteering reach out to us via our Volunteer Interest Form, here.

Take photographs of the downtown and submit for our website. We would like to keep an active Photo Gallery that represents the downtown all year long. Share photos with us at [email protected].

How can I connect with HOB?

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Email us here with any specific questions you might have!