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Our business owners represent the heart and soul of downtown Brevard. Here you will find a complete list of downtown businesses and services. (link to business directory)

If you are interested in joining our dynamic downtown business community as either a business owner or employee, we will be happy to provide a list of currently available properties and jobs. Please call the Heart of Brevard at (828) 884-3278 or [email protected]


Downtown is a great incubator for a new business.

Rental rates are often less expensive in Brevard’s downtown.  New businesses also benefit from the success of close, neighboring businesses.

Downtown provides essential goods and services for the community.

Downtown Brevard is not only the seat of city and county government, it is home to a host of professional services (law, banking, insurance, real estate), restaurants and retail businesses. 

Downtown represents a significant portion of the city’s tax base.

Not only do property owners enhance the city’s tax base, but shoppers and visitors help keep taxes and profits in our community.

Downtown is the historic core of the city.

Many of the buildings from the 1920s remain due to millions of dollars of private investment to help retain the community’s heritage and pride of its past. Parts of the downtown is a National Registered Historic District. Look here for a brief history of downtown Brevard and some fascinating period photographs.  

Downtown is a central community gathering place.

Brevard’s downtown encourages residents and visitors to congregate for parades, street festivals, and special events that reinforce the sense of place and being part of a community.



Our handy guide makes it easy to find everything from a great restaurant to a soon-to-be favorite gallery or boutique. Download it here or pick one up at our Visitor Center, 175 East Main Street.

Looking for convenient parking? Download our parking map.