As the response to COVID-19 has evolved, social distancing measures have created immediate financial obstacles for many local artists. While  many artists have already begun to adapt to the changes with widespread cancellation of workshops, gallery walks and show openings there are many unknowns in the coming months. Throughout the coming weeks, the series will highlight the profiles of local artists located in the Heart of Brevard. Each spotlight will share a local artist’s story and will provide locals and visitors a closer look into the vibrant arts community present in downtown Brevard.

The Artists Spotlight series is a unique way to continue to support the arts and contribute to a healthy cultural community. “Social distancing is isolating by nature; art offers alternate avenues to stay interconnected when we need a break from the headlines and can’t surround ourselves with our friends and family, “said Nicole Bentley, Executive Director of Heart of Brevard. “We want this project to uplift the work of the downtown creative community and encourage support to offer stability to artists during these unprecedented times.”

The series is open to artists of all genres and mediums located within the Heart of Brevard.  If you would like to be featured in the series, please reach out to [email protected] to schedule your interview.

Watch each spotlight video below and click on the spotlight titles to read each artist’s full spotlight article.

Read the full artists spotlight series press release here.