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White Squirrel Research Institute

Inheritance: Dominant or Recessive?

This is a relatively technical (and wordy) posting.  The first few paragraphs outline just enough genetics to understand the terminology.  If you’ve had Biology 101, this is probably review.  The rest is algebra.  If this kind of approach is not for you, suffice it to say, a dominant model gives a much, much, much better fit […]

What is a White Squirrel?

Lions and Tigers and … White Squirrels? Just what is a white squirrel, anyway? Is it a distinct species? Is it a mutation? These are some of my most FAQs. And the answer is ……. it depends. There is, in fact, one tree squirrel for which a white coat seems to be a characteristic of […]

2010 Rank Order of Sectors

Rank Ordering of Sectors for 2010 by (1) % White, (2) White Squirrels/Acre, & (3) Total Squirrels/Acre  The rankings below are intended to allow interested persons to identify areas within the city of Brevard where they are most likely to encounter white squirrels.  Percentage by itself can be misleading since even if the percentage of […]