Curbside Pickup Zones Allocated by Downtown Master Plan Committee

In an effort to support downtown businesses and provide safe and convenient options for their customers the City of Brevard will be allocating on-street parking spaces as official temporary curbside pickup zones. These zones are part of the City’s COVID-19 response.

On-street parking spaces have been selected in downtown locations in areas close to restaurants and/or retailers where purchased items can be picked-up curbside. Each shared zone accommodates 1-2 vehicles (depending on location) and encourages quick turnover (10 minutes) to support active pick-ups. The new curbside signs will be installed before 9 am on Friday, July 17th. The orange cones the City provided will be picked up and businesses are asked to remove any private curbside pickup signage they are currently using.

Please see the attached map to view the current allocations.
Selection of these temporary zones is a fluid process. Allocation of spaces must consider safety, vehicular and pedestrian zones and the impact on adjacent businesses. The Downtown Master Plan Committee will allocate spaces based on these variables, as well as business use and frequency.
The Downtown Master Plan Committee will review feedback and make necessary adjustments after the August 6th meeting. Businesses and organizations are encouraged to provide feedback to the City of Brevard or Heart of Brevard about zone locations.
We encourage you to update your curbside pickup and the frequency here.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at the Heart of Brevard if we can offer assistance or guidance. We must continue to work together to keep our community safe during this challenging time.
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