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Transylvania Courthouse Information and Survey

The County is looking for feedback about what to do about the courthouse.  Their current two options include moving to a new facility on Morris Road, or remodeling within the existing building, and property.  We added a 3rd common option: to stay in the downtown area, but in a new location and building.  Heart of Brevard would like your opinion on this and some pros and cons for each are shown below.  Please view the information below before viewing the survey, then vote for your preference.

If you have concerns about this, please email the County at:[email protected] .

FullSizeRenderList of Pros & ConsCourthouse Pros & Cons – HOB 

List of Pros & ConsArchitect’s Presentation: 

Please email your thoughts and suggestions to[email protected].

Please feel free to take our brief online survey:  



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