Halloweenfest is almost here!!

These few days of cooler weather remind everyone that fall is just around the corner – and that means Halloweenfest is closing in on us! As you may have guessed, Heart of Brevard begins planning its festivals months in advance, and this one is no exception. We have been having conversations all summer about elements of Halloweenfest – the Pumpkin Roll, the Haunted House, the Flight of the Vampire, and others – with the goal of having the best festival ever.

We are still looking for groups and non-profits who might want to implement a fund-raiser during the festival and add to the character of this community event. We expect 12,000 or more people to attend, so there is great potential. If you feel your organization might be an interested partner, you can get in touch with us at 884-3278.

This year, the traditional festival date falls on October 31st, so we are looking forward to the dynamics that will bring. We are negotiating the timing of the day’s activities, including the costume contest and trick-or-treating downtown, since this year also brings some unexpected challenges in that area. We realize that many of you will also participate in candy gathering in the early evening, and we want to make this a positive experience for everyone!

As usual, we will be looking for volunteers to help with the festival. We need people who are willing to give out information about the area and about downtown, as well as help set up our vendors, help out in the office the week of the festival, and clean up afterward. This always takes a crew, and we are so thankful for those of you who give your time. Watch our website and Facebook page for more information about volunteering.

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