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2009 Rank Order of Sectors

Rank Ordering of Sectors for 2009 by (1) % White, (2) White Squirrels/Acre, & (3) Total Squirrels/Acre

The rankings below are intended to allow interested persons to identify areas within the city of Brevard where they are most likely to encounter white squirrels. Percentage by itself can be misleading since even if the percentage of the white variant is high, if the total number of squirrels is low, their chances of an encounter may be very low. Since different Sectors have different acreages, the abundance is expressed in squirrels per acre or density. These density values are meant for comparison purposes only, i.e., relative density. The numbers come from the squirrels seen during the annual squirrel count. Since all squirrels will not be out during the brief time a Sector is counted and all squirrels out will not be seen by the observer, we realize that these abundances are gross underestimates of the actual values. Estimates of actual density in selected cases indicate that real density is approximately 8-10 times relative density.

Below the tables is a map showing the location of each Sector. Enlarged maps of individual Sectors can be found by clicking here. Rankings for 2008 and 2010 can be found by clicking on their year number.

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