Adopt a White Squirrel

Here’s a unique opportunity for you to “adopt” a white squirrel and contribute towards their preservation in Brevard.

For $25 per year, you can adopt your own white squirrel. You can select a boy or a girl and you will receive a Certificate of Adoption, a photo, and two letters per year from your squirrel.

It’s true you’re not adopting a specific white squirrel in the wild. But your annual adoption fee will be directed towards the efforts of The White Squirrel Institute. Funds raised will help defray costs associated with the annual white squirrel count, printed materials regarding the results of the survey, and other conservation-related expenses.

Simply download the Adopt a White Squirrel Application and submit with payment. Contact the Heart of Brevard office for more adoption information.

During our annual White Squirrel Festival (over Memorial Day Weekend), you can also adopt a squirrel at our Heart of Brevard information booth.

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